Grateful heart

I think {...know} I've been a little ungrateful lately. And it took a recent incident to remind me of all I have.  So I reminded myself of the little things that I knew would cheer me up. But these things helped too :)

Isn't this hilarious? Let me tell you, this kid can {and does} on a daily basis drive me crazy. But the fact that this sneaky child took my camera and took pictures of himself cracks me up to no end. I could've been mad that he touched my camera and could have broken it. But he didn't. So I'm glad that it made me laugh; grateful moment number 1.

Aren't these strawberries beautiful? They taste great, too! Heavenly Father has some amazing {and delish} creations. But getting this kid to pick them was like asking him for a million bucks. He seriously did NOT want to. But he did and I'm grateful that he did.

These were today's loot and it was great! It was literally a miracle; the kids actually wanted to work in the garden. And I actually heard an 8 year old say, "You know, weeding is kind of fun.." Whoa, what?! Either a miracle or the heat was doing something to his head. But I wasn't complaining. This little one loves picking berries and usually eats along the way :)

I hope one day they'll look back and remember the good times and not all the times I put them in time out...or yelled at them...or got mad...or didn't feel like making mac&cheese for the billionth time. You get the picture.

But you know, I'll probably yell at them a couple more times, give a couple more time outs, and not let them have candy. Oh well.
Oh and yep, still don't want children for another 10 years.

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  1. great birth control aren't they? and i love that jonah has jam or cinnamon/sugar on his cheek (still?) they love you lots, even with the timeouts, lack of candy (good for you!) and all that. you are great with them and we love you to pieces!