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I've never really been a fan of the word nostalgic. But somethings, like a few of the events in the past few weeks, can only be described with that word.

First one was Enumclaw High School's graduation. My best friend Aubrey graduated as well as a bunch of other friends. I know that I have changed quite a bit (hopefully for the better) from the me when I graduated and I am so excited for my newly graduated friends and their transition from high school to "the real world." They're going to experience so much in the next year (especially those going to BYU) and I can't wait to hear stories. And yet... I know that the divide between my non-LDS friends and I will grow even deeper. Our college experiences and outlook on life is just too different. I want to be friends but I'm slowly losing grasp on how to be friends with them. It seemed so much easier in high school and now I have to make an effort. People were right when they said that high school is such a small part of your life and that it won't matter when you're an adult. People also said that you would see only a few people from high school ever again and boom, they were right again. But I've maintained a few important relationships and I'm glad I have.

Over a year ago. Oh how things have changed so much.

Best friends from high school.
Aubrey and Nerissa :)

Bedda and Julia
BYU bound!

Rachael! BYU-I bound :)

The next was the Academy of Ballet's performance. Last year was supposed to be my last year. I worked my hiney off and earned the star lead in the show (being a senior helped as well), cried after the show was over, and said good-bye. I was NOT going to be the college returnee and come back and steal the light from the girls who deserved it. And yet, I came back. But I can honestly say it wasn't for the glory of being on stage again. Far from it. I did it for a different reason. It gave me time to spend with Aubrey. Dance has always been OUR time. She's one of the few friends I've danced with and the only other girl my age who stuck with it. It was her senior year and I knew that I might regret not taking the extra time to spend with her. So I decided yes. I know I posted a while back on deciding to be in the recital and I can't remember what I wrote. But at end of the performance when the curtains closed and I was tired and ready to be done, I knew that she was the reason why I did it. And okay, I'll admit, it also got my lazy tushy to exercise.

So many of my thoughts rushed to last year. The end of high school, graduating, graduation parties, my dance performance, and saying goodbyes. I think my attachment to Enumclaw has grown less, which I'm kind of glad since I don't plan on sticking around. But I'll visit. So there you have it, my nostalgic moments.

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