Two of my goals for this summer are learning (re-learning) how to sew/alter clothes and to knit. I may as well have told my mother that someone else has taken over my body and that I'm no longer her real daughter. For years, I have absolutely refused to sew. Most of those conversations started with a "Mei, would you like to learn how to sew/hem/alter/stitch/basically anything in this area?" and usually ended with a firm "No."

You should've seen her face when I asked her if we could sew together this summer. I totally rocked her world. Literally. To make matters even worse, Jessica, Jillian, and I are going to have sewing nights. Like little old ladies who have nothing else better to do. And I'm actually excited. Jessica's mom offered to teach us how to make dough as well...

Basically I'm becoming domestic. I feel
my pioneer ancestors glowing with pride.

Anyways, there's an update on what gets me excited these days. I'll post my results when they're done! :) 

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  1. Yes, you did put me into a state of shock, but I've recovered now and looking forward to being domestic with you!