There are just some days that are refreshing. Today was one of them. Went to Pike Place today and it was work as usual. But it went really well compared to Wednesday {which was an absolute nightmare}. I met the guy that sells the slippers and hats and he was really nice. Sadly...I already forgot his name. Woops! The sun came out and shined alllll day :) Then this guy came by and bought honey sticks four different times. Each time he did, he had a smile for me and was really nice. And then he whipped out a cheesy pick up line that made me laugh. People were polite and made an effort to be friendly. Knock knock, one of the fish guys, bought me cherries and was his his usual goofy self. But more than other people being nice to you, it's almost even better being nice to other people as well. It's like paying it forward.

Basically, it's amazing what a little friendliness will do. One of the dove chocolate I ate today had such an applicable little saying. 


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