Pre-shoot pictures in the mountains

Chris set a goal this year (one of many) to build his portfolio as a photographer. He has always loved taking pictures but it has taken a backseat to his other talents the past few years. He's had fun taking pictures documenting our life together the past few months and is now trying his hand at doing it for other people.

The other day he took pictures for my friend's family in the beautiful mountains. We got there early to check out the area and try to find places that would photograph well but ended up taking pictures of each other haha. The goal was to find a spot that would be easily accessible with toddlers but we adventured a little bit :) 

 ^^channeling my Big Foot roots.

Chris prefers to being behind the camera, but I managed to grab one or two of him ;) After playing and walking around a while, our friends arrived and we had a fun time trying to get a few good shots. My official job consisted of helping the kids look at the camera and passing around the blankets. The kids were troopers and we had a great time! Here are a few behind-the-scene shots that show what pictures in the snow are really like ;) 

Thanks Tuft family! 

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