happy six months of marriage

the past six months have been full of laughter, good food, tears, new experiences, learning, patience, and love. these few months have been challenging but rewarding also. we're still newbies at being married and i still wonder all the time how to be a good wife but it feels good to learn how to work together and be a team bit by bit.

before getting married, i had an irrational fear that our relationship would drastically change for worse. that after saying yes, the "true" chris would come out and he wouldn't be the man i thought i married. turns out didn't happen at all :) but something else happened that i didn't expect. all of my own flaws became much more obvious and i felt like a bad version of myself. if i thought a mission would show me my flaws, marriage does a much better job haha. you really do see each other through all of the good and the bad and there is vulnerability, insecurity, and lots of feelings involved.

we are not perfect. sometimes i get frustrated and he gets upset, but we love each other. i'm sure thirty years from now we'll look back and laugh at what we thought real love was but for now, this is where we are. i'm so happy i married chris. his never-ending patience, kindness, and gentleness is what i never knew i needed. i am so grateful he continues to love me every day. here's to many, many more months!

***a friend of mine named emily was looking to build her portfolio so we volunteered to get our picture taken ;) chris and i had so much fun since 1) no wedding plans to worry about  2) there was no pressure to get an incredible photo for an invitation 3) we love each other, duh. HERE is emily's website for anyone interested!

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