Cougar town

When I was 13 I would dream of "the perfect summer romance" and that guy that I would meet and spend all my time with.

If only my 13 year old self could have seen me this summer.

Boys for days.

There were so many of them that sometimes I got their names mixed up {bad, huh?}. So I started using nicknames, like "bud" and "dude." Let me tell ya, that definitely came in handy.
So much of my time was spent with boys. I even occasionally would spend the day at someone's house and then go directly to another boy's house. Some days were spent in the ways I had dreamed of, and then there were the times that I got a lot more than I ever asked for.

When I was 13, I hadn't anticipated my summer hang outs consisting of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for multiple guys or trying to motivate them into helping in the garden. And I definitely hadn't considered the guys fighting with each other. Another interesting thing, I always thought I would spend my time with manly guys. That was very much not so this summer. For some reason, these boys cried quite a bit {sometimes for the silliest things too}

And then there were those awkward moments. Like the time that this one boy told me that I should put some make up on because I reeeeally needed it to look pretty. Or the time that I made this one boy cry {woopsies!}. And that time one of the boys did a little shimmy/jig with no clothes on. Heyoo. Or that one time { x 9741523} that I wasn't allowed to do my bathroom business in peace...
Probably one of the moments that tops all of them is the time that one of the boys nuzzled my twin girls in hopes of finding lunch. Sorry buddy, you're not gonna find any food there!
Then there were the hilarious moments. Like the moment when two boys simultaneously stripped to their underwear and claimed they were ready to watch a movie with me {well that's one way to spend a Friday night ;) }.

We just did so much together that it's difficult to list all of it. Long days spent playing in the pool together, laying on the couch watching movies, eating together, holding hands, making mac&cheese together, and so on.

We spent so much time together that it's no surprise that we got into the occasional fights. Sometimes my name was shouted so much by multiple people that it was hard to tell what was going on. I think it's safe to say that I think some of the boys will miss me and some won't. There were these three suuuuuuper cute guys I hung out with one Friday night and I will sure miss their cute faces and crazy dancing! Then there is this other guy who was really easy going. He mostly just laid around and did whatever I was doing.
I'm pretty sure my two main men won't miss me. But that's okay, they're probably sick of me and ready for change. Or they'll just be forget about me again when school starts.

Tomorrow is my last day with one of the guys and I'm planning on making it a good one. Full of cuddles, kisses, and smiles in between me packing up my room and going shopping for last minute items. But he'll be good and put up with me dragging him places. He's always so patient {except for when he's hungry ha}.

It was the summer I'd always dreamed of.

Except in my dreams, the boys were older than 10 and all potty trained.
Oh well. I guess you can't have it all.

But in 4 days, I will be returning to the true cougar town and who knows what will happen there hehe ;)


  1. awwwwhh...such a good post! i am going to have said boys read it and see if they figure it out. Luv ya!

  2. Not quite the romantic summer you envisioned, but at least I didn't have to worry about summer flings with the "big boys"!