Pike Place Part 1

There's a new honey girl on the block

Working at Pike Place last summer
So for those who don't know, I'm working at Pike Place Market again this summer and I'm kind of excited. Today was my third day including training and I had a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong, it's exhausting work---standing on your feet for hours, dealing with [some] stupid people, and it's all day. But I love it. Here's why.

1. Driving to Seattle in the morning is a little scary for me. But when I go over that little hill on I-5 and see the Seattle skyline in the morning light, it's so worth it. It says "Today is a new day, what are you going to do with it?" Cheesy yes but that's what I think like early in the morning (if I'm not cranky). 

*No I didn't take this picture and no I don't
the photographer's permission to use it. I can't
exactly stop on I-5 and take a picture; that's
what the internet is for :)
2. While getting hot water this morning, I talked to some of the Fish Boys. That's what I call the guys that work at the fish market that is about 3 booths down from ours. They are all really nice and helpful. One of the guys was cutting raw fish. He looked at me sideways and asked if I ate raw fish. I said yes and after some discussion on what I liked best, he said he'd save me a free sample. A sample of fresh, raw, Pacific Northwest tuna just for me. Inside I was fist-pumping and cheering but on the outside I said "wow thank you so much!" Around lunchtime a guy I didn't recognize stopped by the honey stand and said "Here you go." 
I said back to him, "For me?" 
He said, "Yep for the honey girl." 
I liked the sound of that. 
I peeked inside and voila! Beautiful deliciousness. It was pure bliss. 

3. Part One. My aunt and uncle, Holli and Mike, are also my bosses. They're super chill and working for them has been great. 
3. Part Two. Today me and Mike discussed some current events. We compared Lady Gaga to Madonna, analyzed her new songs, and talked about how Mike had Bad Romance stuck in his head. Mike is a 6 foot something tall guy, biker, and used to have a mohawk. And he knows more about Gaga than I do. It's hilarious. 

4. People watching. I do it for hours. People in Seattle are fascinating and way more colorful than the people in Provo were/are. There's diversity, multicolored hair, hippies, and so many other non-bland kinds of people. 

5. Honey sticks--I get to explain to children with dirty hands to please not touch the honey sticks if they aren't buying them all day, I get to explain to people what they are, how to eat them, and basically tell them how delicious they are and that my favorites are apple, sour raspberry, and peach. They are a great perk to my work. Tonight I brought some to the kids I was babysitting and they fell in love. New bribery tool? I think yes. 
         Funny story--->Today a mom was trying to bite open a honey stick for her kid but didn't listen on how to do it. The honey squirted out the other end all over her kid and he promptly started waaaaailing. I handed her a wet paper towel, said "here you go!" and sent them on their way. 

6. The little things that happen at the market. Today a dad with his two sons decked out in the Seattle Sounders gear stopped by the honey stand. The best part is that they all picked out the honey sticks that matched the Sounders colors--green and dark blue  represent!

I'm sure there is a ton more but right now I'm tired, in need of a shower, and ready for bed. Someday I will do the whole tourist thing and take pictures at Pike Place. But for now, a summer of work here we come :) 

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  1. That view of Seattle from I-5 first thing in the morning is my absolute favorite view of the city. You are so lucky to get to work at Pike Place! Can I come with you some day?? :-)