Going home/Coming home

Going home was a lot more different than I had expected. I’m not exactly sure what I expected but confused emotions weren’t one on the list. I think I assumed that life would be the way I left it and I would just slip right back in.
Don’t get me wrong, going home was great. I had missed my family and finally got to see them. I got to cuddle with my cats and hang out with friends I hadn’t seen in months. It was all good fun but something was different. I was a visitor in my own house. I stayed in the guest bedroom and lived out of a suitcase.
I’m not someone who likes change so this was really hard for me. Something that I thought would never change did and I didn’t really know how to handle it. But I tried my best and my family was patient with me, especially my mom. I’m so happy I went home to see my family and learn again the true meaning of Christmas. But what I really realized is that I have two homes now: Enumclaw and Provo. I went home to Enumclaw and then I came home to Provo.
Things I’ll miss about home:
·         My family
·         Delicious water
·         Taking naps with my cats by the fireplace
·         Asking my little brother to get me a glass of water and actually getting one. I feel bad asking my roommates. Plus Jessica won’t, I already tried
·         Fresh seafood
·         Real carpet
·         Being able to take a car and just drive somewhere
·         Seeing my favorite people from high school
·         Unlimited amount of Costco chicken nuggets
·         Not feeling the need to wear make up
·         Going to the gym regularly (ish)
·         The smell of Japanese food
·         My dad’s dumb puns that mix Japanese and English

Things I love about my Provo home:
·         My beautiful, inspiring roommates
·         The amazing 20th Ward
·         The chance to get a great education
·         Meeting new people
·         The little nice things I see people do everyday
·         The fact that there is a Subway on almost every corner
·         Being independent

·         Getting to do all my own grocery shopping
·         So much more that I don’t even know yet!

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